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Why Santa Lucia?

Подготовили более 30 мастер-классов
Prepared more than 30 workshops
Собрали большое разнообразие комплектующих
They collected a large variety of accessories
Постоянно обновляем программы
Constantly updating program
Выделим персонального менеджера
We select a personal manager
Используем различные техники
We use a variety of techniques
Индивидуально подходим к каждому клиенту
Individual approach to every client

Ready workshops

23 февраля
February 23
8 марта
March 8
День влюблённых
Valentine's Day
День рождения
and much more…

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You can order ready-made master class or come up with their with our range

Guaranteed Results
and good cheer

We are not perfect, we are willing to make mistakes to improve, correct them and move on. If you have any problems with the manager, you have not been able to agree on cooperation, there was an unsolvable problem, call us! I will try to help you
+7 (495) 987-65-43
Boyarchuk Tatiana Valerievna, CEO