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About us

About us ... Having spent half an hour in front of a computer, having studied millions of websites and recommendations, I could not write a single line. All that is written is boring and not interesting. All my co-workers, and their 20 people, are very busy people (they work), so the text for this page had to write to me, the general director of the company Tatyana Valerievna Boyarchuk. I'm the kind of person who thinks, "Best Director, it is someone who does not interfere with good people to work." Here, I do not interfere. Now, we know you.

Then you should write that we have a very serious company, we are working since 2010, have achieved a great deal, our customers are the largest network of business and is growing year by year. So write the majority of companies. I also want to say that we work hard, sometimes unbearably difficult. We allow a lot of mistakes, stepping on the same rake, we are fighting head against the closed door. Experience gives us new strength and the possibility to develop. We are absolute fans of the business, and we really like our products. Very upset when negative comments (they come) come. Day by day we are trying to make the product better and more interesting, try new technologies, develop production. It turns out or not to judge you. We are always open to dialogue and willing to discuss any issues.

If you are interested in working with us, call and come for a visit. I am pleased to show you the production, introduce you to the team and I will treat a fine French wine.

General Director Boyarchuk T.V.

P.S  You live person and actually read to the end? I do not believe. Call me and I'll know that it is not possible perhaps. 8-917-552-72-74